Frequently asked questions

How many people can fit in a boat?     The boats can seat between 6 and 8 people.  There are 8 seats, but the boats do have a weight capacity – so if you’re a football team, better count on 6 per boat.  

Do I need a special boat license to drive the boat?  No, any adult over the age of 25 can drive the boat.  You must have a Valid Driver’s License. 

Is there a waiver we need to sign?  Yes, everyone on board will need to sign a waiver.  Don’t worry.  It’s short and easy to fill out. 

Do we pay for fuel?   Nope- these are green, clean, electric machines. 

Where do we board the boat?  We have a great location right in South Lake Union, at the northern terminus of the South Lake Union Trolley.  Our docks are right in front of the White Swan Pub and eatery at 1001 Fairview Ave N.  Come early and enjoy  their patio before heading off on your Donut Boat adventure. 

Are you open year around?  No, we are open from March 15th to October 1st.

Are the boats hard to drive?.    No, our boats have electric motors steered by tiller.  They are very easy to operate.  We will generally give you a quick 5 minute tutorial, and then you are out on the lake, and the fun begins

How old do I have to be to rent a boat?    One member of the Party must be 21 years old.  All drivers of the boat must be 21 years of age or older. 


Can we dock the boats at  another location?   Unfortunately no.  The boats can only be docked at our location as they can be easily damaged on other docks.  Rafting up with other boats, including other donut boats, is also against the rules for the same reason 

Do you provide life jackets?  Yes.  There are enough life jackets on board for all passengers.  State Law requires children under the age of 12 to be wearing a life jacket at all times while on the boat.  We've got some cool ones for them, so they will hardly notice.  We have jackets for youngsters, but if you have toddlers or tiny babies, we recommend bringing your own life jacket to make sure you have the right fit for your child. 

Can I reserve boats ahead of time?  Yes, in fact we highly recommend it.  All you need is a credit card.

What is your cancelation Policy?  You can cancel your reservation with no charge up to one week before your trip.  You can get a 50 percent refund if you cancel prior to three days before your trip.   Within 72 hours before you time slot, unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds.  We have to keep the lights on, the docks rented and our awsome employees paid, even if you can’t show up.  You understand right? 

Can I get a rain check if there is bad weather on the day I reserved?  Good question.  We are all hardy Northwest folk, so a little overcast, and even a slight drizzle will not entitle you to a rain check.  This is Seattle after all.  However, we are all about having fun on the lake so, during the summer, if there is a terrible downpour or gusty winds, we will, at our discretion, offer you a rain check.   The off season Is a different story.  During October and November, and again during March and April, when weather is unpredictable and temperatures are cooler, we will offer a rain check for any reason and get you on the water at another time.  Your dog is sick…. rain check…  The Mariners are unexpectedly in the playoffs… rain check.  You’re feeling too lazy to get off the couch… rain check.  As we offer discounted off season rates, your rain check will only apply to off season timeslots, but we are happy to apply your money to an upgrade if you decide not to come back until summer.    (please note, our rain check policies may not apply to certain promotions).

How did donut boats get their name?   Sir Richard Gellingham, the Third Earl of Donut, invented them in the mid 17th century?  

Really?    No, not really, 

Have more questions?  Feel free to give us a call at (206) 719-1773.